Shop the Look: Lighting in Popular Shows on Netflix

Television show sets have always fascinated me. Whether the sets are small and compact or larger with a lot of moving pieces, set designers always seem to pack so much detail into the spaces they work with. As I find myself dreaming of how I would love to make my house look like my favorites from TV, I put together a guide of fixtures you can shop that give similar looks from the coolest looking in TV, but at a fraction of the cost.

Dead to Me S1:E2 - Barn Lights

barn light

Like the look of the lights outside of Ted’s studio? Shop our barn lights and check out the the Gia.

Black Mirror S4:E3 - Ball Pendants

Think these pendants look great over the bar top? Shop the Oro Pendant for a look that mimics the white ball pendants in the background of this scene.

Lucifer S1:E3 - Cage Pendants

The cage frames on these pendant lights offer an airy and modern structure. These cage pendants give this dark and ominous club touches of elegance. Shop the Kaleesi Pendant for a more contemporary cage light.

In the Dark S2:E8 - LED Cabinet Lights

Looking to light up your kitchen counters? LED lights aren’t just ideal for the vet office at Guiding Hope. LED tubes hide right under cabinet spaces discretely. Shop the LED-UC24-WH 11W-3000K or look at our other LEDs.

 Ozark S1:E7 - Outdoor fan with a light kit

Vivio can supply your outdoor fan needs with a much more modern touch than the fan pictured above. Shop the SUN866 for a beautiful modern fan that can be used indoor or outdoor.

The Good Place S1:E13 - Cube Up/Down Lights

Cube lights are lesser seen among homes, but they are rising in popularity. Our black cube lights can be used indoors or outdoors and are great ways to jump start your home décor into the modern era. Also, Vivio cube lights would never be used in the Bad Place!

You S2:E4 - Shade Pendants

These shade lights don’t just look great in the Anavrin kitchen. Shop the Mia pendant to achieve a similar look in your kitchen. 

Stranger Things S1:E3 - String Lights

So your son is trapped in a parallel universe? Buy some string lights to communicate with him, Joy Byers style.

The Kominsky Method S1:E3 - Coach Lights

Whether you're coming or going, coach lights illuminate your home even on the darkest of nights. Shop this 1-Light Medium Coach Light for a similar look as the scene above.