DIY Bathroom Renovations: Tips and Tricks for Lighting Fixtures

There isn’t a more perfect time to remodel a bathroom than now. DIY remodeling can be a great way to transform your space into a luxurious and functional retreat. Probably the most important aspect in a bathroom is the lighting. The right types of lighting fixture can really make a difference when trying to create a warm, inviting atmosphere and will also enhance the look of your decor. Adding modern light fixtures can really highlight the quality of your bathroom.


First, you have to plan out the right type of lighting. You don’t want to buy lighting fixtures without a plan and an overall clear idea of what look and feel you are trying to achieve. Couple of things you have to consider is your bathroom size, the type of fixtures you want, and the type of lighting that is needed. When you have everything well planned out and designed beforehand, it will help you make the most of your space and ensure you have the right amount of light for all your tasks.   

Think about your lighting needs. Typically, bathrooms require lighting for specific task purposes such as makeup application, shaving, or brushing your teeth. Also, in order to have a warm and inviting atmosphere, you need to create an ambient type of lighting. You can use a combination of overhead lighting and wall sconces to create a well-balanced lighting plan. Adding a dimmer can increase the flexibility in ambiance for your lighting. 

Using energy-efficient options is also something to consider. LED lights are a good option when taking the energy efficient road because they last longer than traditional incandescent lights and are more eco-friendly as well. 

Ask yourself the question, what is the style of your bathroom? The right type of lighting fixture can really accentuate the overall style and feel of the bathroom. You can use classic and elegant fixtures like modern chandelier lights and wall sconces for a more traditional look. In order to get a more contemporary look, go for sleek, modern fixtures such as pendant lights and recessed lights. Choosing the right fixtures that are stylish and functional can last you years.

Installing the right fixtures in the right places is as important as having the right fixtures themselves. If you want a bathroom that is well-lit, you have to install overhead lighting above the vanity or sink and place wall sconces near the mirror. If you want even brighter lighting in your bathroom, you can install additional lighting such as recessed lighting and also other bathroom lighting fixtures above the mirror. 

Safety should always be the number one priority so always make sure that fixtures are installed correctly and are firmly in place. You also want to make sure the fixtures that you install are safe and meet necessary safety standards. Hiring an electrician to install your light fixtures is also the right thing to do to make sure it is installed correctly and safely. 

In conclusion, remodeling a bathroom is a great opportunity to create a beautiful and functional space. The right lighting fixtures can help you achieve your desired look and feel, and enhance the overall ambiance of your bathroom. So take the time to choose the perfect lighting fixtures for your bathroom remodel, and enjoy your new space for years to come!