Ceiling Fan Direction

As temperatures are dropping and the hot summer heat is behind us, it might be a great time to understand the importance of how changing the direction of the ceiling fan inside your home can save you a lot of money. Typically, an average home air conditioning runs at about 3,500 watts of power. A ceiling fan runs around 50 watts of power. That alone shows you how much money you can be saving by effectively using a fan in the right context. 

Most of all ceiling fans have a switch or a knob on the fan usually where the pull strings are located. The default direction of a ceiling fan is counterclockwise. When the fan direction is set to counterclockwise, the air is being pushed directly downwards, in what we call a downdraft. This gives a more direct, cool breeze. This is essential during the hotter months because it compliments the air conditioning by pushing the cold air provided by the A/C directly downwards to give the most cool air possible. This way, you can set your thermostat just a little higher that way the air conditioning does less work and you can leave the hard work to the fan, which ends up saving you money. 

When cooler temperatures start rolling in, you will automatically have less usage of the air conditioning but it might still be important to use the ceiling fan for air circulation. Having the heater on during the cooler months can be as expensive as having the air conditioning on. Warm air naturally rises so to effectively use a fan during colder months, you have to switch the direction of the ceiling fan to clockwise. Now the air is being pushed up, towards the ceiling in an omnidirectional way. With the warm air already on the top, at low fan speeds, you are now helping circulate this warm air throughout your house and that is less usage for the heater, which in turn saves a lot of money. 

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