How to Fix a Noisy Ceiling Fan

Is your new ceiling fan making a strange noise that you can't seem to get rid of? Follow some of the tips below to help solve this dilemma.

1. Clean your ceiling fan 

Dust can build up on the ceiling fan over time, clogging the motor. This dust build up can also put pressure on the ceiling fan blades, resulting in an unbalanced fan. To clean the fan, take a ladder or step stool and a damp cloth and wipe off the dust from the blades and motor. Clean off the bottom of the blades as well.

Turn on the fan and run it on medium and high speed to see if the problem is resolved.

2. Check for loose screws

Sometimes a clicking noise made from a fan comes from improperly installed fan blades. Check all the screws that are fastening the blades onto the motor. Try tightening in the bolts to eliminate any shaky blades.

3. Check the fan canopy

Check the fan canopy by trying to wiggle it around. If the canopy allows for any movement, it needs to be tightened.

4. Add oil to your fan

 You may need to add oil to lubricate your interior fan parts. 

  1. The oil hole in your fan in typically located on the fan motor near the down rod.
  2. Check the oil level in your fan. Insert the end of a pipe cleaner about 1/2-inch into the oil hole. If it comes out dry, your fan needs oil now. Some fans require you do this yearly.
  3. Add oil to your fan using the oil hole. Many fans take different types and quantities of oil, so it’s best to consult your owner’s manual. All-purpose fan oils are available, and most fans require 1- to 2-ounces of oil. Avoid using common penetrating oils such as WD-40 or 3-in-1 oil.
  4. Clean the oil hole and fan housing if any oil has spilled. This is also a good time to wipe down your fan’s motor.
  5. Test the fan on a low speed after adding oil.

Tip: This is the most common method for adding oil and troubleshooting ceiling fan motor noise. However, all ceiling fans are different. When possible, check the owner's manual exact instructions.

If all these methods fail, it might be time for a new ceiling fan! You can check out our amazing selection right here.