A New Dictionary for People Who Love Their Lights

Once you dive deep enough into the world of the lighting industry, I’m sure you have realized that light fixture listings have their very own jargon. Have you ever seen 5x60W (M) under the description of a fixture? That means the fixture takes 5 light bulbs with a maximum wattage of 60. The M in the parenthesis stands for medium base.

Like the lamp information, companies use lighting-specific jargon to describe bulb types and color. Understanding the ways of the lighting industry can be difficult, but less so with the help of your friends at Vivio.

Color (Temperature/Kelvin): If your light bulbs come with a color description, the numbers before the K (standing for Kelvin) mean the following:

  • 2700K – Soft white
  • 3000K – warm white
  • 3500K – neutral white
  • 4000/4100K – Cool white
  • 5000K – Daylight

Bulb Types:

I present to you, the color spectrum of light bulbs.

Converting wattage to lumens:

Though some LED (light emitting diode) and CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) bulbs are listed with their wattage equivalent, it is important to know how to convert the wattage your incandescent bulbs use to lumens and the wattage your new bulbs will require. Below is information to help you find the corresponding lumens and wattage to your old incandescent bulbs.

Incandescent/Halogen Wattage  Lumens LED or CLF Wattage
25 250 4-9
40 450 9-13
60 800 13-15
75 1110 18-25
100 1600 23-30
125 2000 22-40
150 2600 40-45