How You Should Spend the First Day of Fall

Today marks the official first day of fall. School is back in session, pumpkin spice is back at Starbucks, and grocery stores have put out Halloween decorations. Trade your swim suits for sweaters and get ready to celebrate the darker evenings with buying exterior lights.


  • Still wanting to have those summer-inspired cook outs? You won’t have to end your grilling sessions early with exterior lights in the back yard.
  • Talking with your friend on the porch is much more enjoyable when you can see their face.
  • You can add a little sparkle to outdoor movie nights by adorning your backyard with string lights.
  • Now that the weather is colder and the mosquitos and flies have disappeared (…for now), you can actually light up your outdoors without fearing that insects will swarm to your lights.
  • With coach lights by your front door, you can get a clear view of trick or treaters to admire their costumes. (or see them coming so you can avoid them—whichever fits your M.O.)




The result: Keep your fall exciting by spending time with your family and friends.