How Vivio is Making Lighting Cool

As someone who was hired to create blog content, my initial thought was how in the world was I going to make light fixtures and ceiling fans into something that’s…well, cool. Honestly, I never thought much about the fixtures that lit up my home before I started working for a company that produces them. However, this initial hurdle was easy to jump because I didn’t even have to do it myself—Vivio did it for me. Vivio is revolutionizing the lighting and home design world by integrating state of the art technology into lavish fixtures, and if any company can make lighting cool, it’s this one.

In an age where almost everyone has a super computer tucked away in their pockets and purses, manually controlling the lights and fans in your house should be a thing of the past. Luckily, Vivio made the Wall Control 7BT. This wall control allows you to control your fan and light kit from your phone. With easy set up and simple application layouts, you can easily step right into the future of lighting. 

The world of DIY home renovation chock-full of lighting fixtures with complicated Swedish names and even more complicated instructions can be the most frustrating process. Vivio makes assembling fixtures as easy as following a recipe. You don’t have to be an engineer or electrician to assemble Vivio lights—anyone can do it! Check out the Vivio YouTube channel for step-by-step guides on how to assemble our most popular fixtures.

We make lighting our way. The product development team is constantly researching what is in style in the lighting space. Making trendy and unique fixtures is our thing.