Finding Your Personal Design Style

Are you remodeling your home and don’t know what style of décor to commit to? Trust us, we’ve been there. With so many design styles out there it feels difficult to choose just one. If you remain conflicted on which style to execute, keep reading. We can give you some insight on what style is right for you.


A traditional style is one of the most common décor styles—after all, it is traditional. A traditional style home features built in cabinets, paired furniture, and elaborate pieces. If you love large, elegant styles you match perfectly with traditional design style. Featured is the Roxton Pendant.


Modern styles are sleek and clutter free. A modern home features neutral colors, clean lines, artwork, and open floor plans. If you like walking into an open room and having plenty of space, a modern décor style is right for you. Featured is the Zara Chandelier.


Contemporary living room

Contemporary styles remain the trendiest through the past few years. This collection features open but unusual floor plans, natural light, and an artistic design. If you enjoy making a statement in your home, a contemporary style may be right for you. Featured is the Kaleesi Chandelier.


rustic bathroom

Rustic styles are earthy, real, and organic. It will typically use brick walls, wooden floors, accented stairs, and exposed ceiling beams. If you delight in experiencing the call of the outdoors, rustic may be the right style for you. Featured is the Roxton wall sconce


minimalist living room

Minimalist styles are great for people who dislike clutter. Much like modern design, this style features the bare necessities. Minimalist homes feature solid colors—no patterns—subtle furniture, and subtle art. If you believe that less is more, this is the right style for you. Featured is the 1-Light Triangle Pendant.

Maybe none of these styles alone work for you. Mixing design styles remains popular among interior designers. The most popular trends of today include modern contemporary, modern, and contemporary rustic. Your home is most importantly yours to design however you want. Express yourself in your home with any style you feel best for you.