5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Lighting for Your Home


1. Choosing the Wrong Size Fixture.
There is nothing like having a fixture that is too small or too large for a space. This can completely throw the entire room off. For example, a smaller bathroom with a round mirror may feel and aesthetically look better with two wall sconces as opposed to a 5-light vanity.
2. Not Creating Layered Lighting.
Layered lighting is the key to creating an overall vibe to a home. Try creating a perfectly illuminated space by providing ambient, task and access lighting to avoid the dread of living in a poorly lit space.
3. Forgetting About Saving Energy.
Nowadays LED lighting is extremely popular, but if you haven’t gotten on the train yet hop on! Save energy and money by either finding LED integrated lighting or choosing LED bulbs. This will save so much money in the long run as many LED bulbs stand to last over 10 years!
 4. Disregarding the Wall Color
A huge mistake is not considering the color of the walls. With walls that are entirely too dark every fixture hung, and recessed light installed will be nothing without a brighter light color. Unless of course you are wanting the look and feel off a dark room.
5. You Don’t Consider Textures

Rough, bumpy, flat and smooth are all examples of textures that can possibly be in your space. Adding a modern industrial fixture to a space with smooth clean lines rather than a space with rustic and rough wood is a better option.

Next time you are shopping for lighting, consider these common mistakes to avoid before spending a pretty penny on the wrong choice!