4 of The Best Places To Hang Pendant Lights

1. Over The Kitchen Island

This is one of the most common places to hang pendant lights and in our opinion one of the best! Pendant lights will help bring function and style to your kitchen. Be sure to choose the correct amount of lights depending on how long your counter top is. *Bonus Tip* Each pendant should be at least 30” apart. (Shop Now)

2. Over Your Dining Room Table

Chandeliers aren’t the only fixtures that can go over your dining room table. Adding a pendant in your dining area will create ambient lighting and can even be a conversation piece. Pendant lighting in the kitchen is more than just functionality, it creates a visual focal point of the room and can easily spark a luxurious and modern look. (Shop Now)

3. In Your Bedroom

When hanging pendants in bedrooms they typically go over an end table or nightstand. This will create functionality for late night reading and style and will be an accent piece at the same time. Usually pendants are hung on both sides of the bed, however like in the picture above, hanging a pendant on just one side of the bed works well if there is something on the other side of the bed that will help balance in the room. (Shop Now)

4. In the Living Room

This is where the larger pendants come into play. Choosing pendant lighting for the living room is very important considering that it will be hung right in the middle of the area. Be sure to pick a pendant that isn’t too small or too large because that could ruin balance in the room. Hanging a pendant in the living room will give a simple yet timeless look to your family area. (Shop Now)