How to: Pair Pendants with Fans

When your lighting is due for a total overhaul, coordinating a collection of new pieces can be challenging, especially when you need multiple fixtures in a shared space. In order to match fixtures like pendants and a ceiling fan, look for three main design aspects in order to execute a successful coordination: style, finish, and shape. 


As when designing any room, you first need decide on your design style. Is the space you need new lights in modern? Contemporary? Or are you redesigning the room to fit a certain style? Read more about design styles here

modern living room with nickel fixtures


Fans typically come in a limited amount of finishes, the most popular being matte black, brushed nickel, and rubbed bronze. The fans and pendants in your space should have matching finishes in order to create a seamless coordinated look.

modern living room with matte black fixtures


Find pendants that closely mimic the lines your fan of choice has. Is there a curve in the light kit? Find a pendant with curves on the base that mimic those curved lines on the fan.

contemporary living room and kitchen with nickel fixtures