How to Operate the SUN866 Fan

Introducing the operational guide for our most popular fan, the SUN866, broken down in written steps. 

1. Put the battery in your wall control

2. Press the button to the right of the light button for about 5 seconds. This will start the calibration process of your fan. During the calibration process, your fan will flicker about twice and your fan will spin in both directions for about 5 minutes. Once your fan has stopped spinning, it is ready for regular use. 

3. The buttons on the wall control with Roman numerals I-VI are the speed controls for the fan. The button in the center is the stop button. The button below that changes the direction of the fan.

4. The button with the image of a half sun shape turns on the light to your fan. To turn the light on, you simply press the button. To dim the light, you press and hold. 

5. The switch at the bottom of the wall control is the on/off switch. Make sure you keep that switch on because if you turn it off, you'll have to recalibrate the fan once you turn it back on.

6. Now your fan is set up! Enjoy your new SUN866