Disk Lights Throughout the Home

When planning out the lighting throughout ones home, like building a house, starting off with a foundation is important. The disk lights are your base layer. The way in which your disk lights are arranged will determine where you put your accent lighting and focal piece light.

Use disk lights to highlight your favorite features of a room. When disk lights are placed in only select areas of a room, place your favorite piece of furniture, sculpture, underneath the disk lights to make that addition to your room really pop. 

Spaces like kitchens are optimal places for a lot of disk lights spaced throughout the room. Task lighting in kitchens is important because you will need bright, clear lighting for work like cutting vegetables, cooking on your stovetop, or other meal prep. Don't forget a statement lighting piece like the Gia barn light pictured below.

When planning out your lighting in a walk-in closet, motion sensor disk lights are the most convenient options. This prevents a lot of time wasted fumbling around in the dark looking for the light switch!

The bathroom is another room in the home where task lighting is important. Usually placed over the shower, bathtub, and any other large gaps in the room, disk lights are usually a bright 4000K. Don't forget to add your statement lighting which could be a modern and trendy vanity!