How You Should Spend the First Day of Summer

It’s been a long winter and spring season and summer is finally here. If beating the heat is a challenge you just can’t seem to win, try adding an outdoor fan to that bare porch or replacing an old fan that just isn’t getting the job done. Fans on the porch not your style? Outdoor string lights are sure to give your backyard a fun extra sparkle.


  • Your porch can now be an oasis from the heat with only the best porch fan—a Vivio one.
  • Make pool parties, barbecues, and other summer hang outs not only bearable with an escape from the heat at your porch with a new SUN866 but also fun and exciting with string lights over the yard.
  • Missing stars in the big city? String lights can give your backyard or apartment balcony the starry night affect you’ve been wanting.



Grab your bug zappers and your sunblock. This summer is going to be one you won’t forget!