Transform Your Entire Home by Changing Your Light Fixtures

If you're tired of the same traditional furniture you've had for years and want a modern change to your home but don't want to buy all new furniture, changing the light fixtures in your home can transform it into the modern feel you were looking for without breaking the bank. 

Flush mounts typically don't give off that much light and the beige shade and rubbed bronze finish of that floor lamp don't flatter the rest of the decor in the room. So, by switching out only two light fixtures, this living room transforms from antiquated 

to sleek and stunning

The shades on this chandelier give this kitchen an almost outdated look. Changing the chandeliers to a modern pendants changes the kitchen from this

to this

Change the sconces here to turn this bathroom from this

to this

Swap out the chandelier with curved lines to turn this foyer from this 

to this