Lighting Your Home Room by Room

The way you light your home can mean the difference between an inviting foyer and a gloomy corridor. Just like every room in a home needs different furniture, they also need different lighting to fully realize the best environment for the area. Sorting through terms like ambient, overhead, and task lighting is the first step to optimizing the lighting in your home so you can increase productivity, offer a friendly atmosphere, and create spaces for relaxation.


Big staple pieces that catch the eye are ideal for foyers—something to capture your guests’ attention as soon as they walk in.

Living Room

Use recessed lighting to illuminate the area around the TV without pointing any light directly at it. Light up some candles to make the space more inviting.

Dining Room

Hang a chandelier to highlight the focus of the dining room, the dining room table.


Task Lighting is ideal for kitchens, as they provide bright white lighting ideal to cut vegetables, fry fish, and wash dishes.


Relaxation areas call for mood lighting. Side table lamps and dimmer switches are great for bedrooms. Also, to keep cool at night, try a ceiling fan with a light kit.


Hang strong overhead lights or vanities in bathrooms. That type of bright lighting ensures you will get your morning and night routines right!


Ambient lighting, typically provided by recessed lighting, ceiling mounted fixtures, or wall sconces is ideal in hallways.


Use bright overhead lighting from a ceiling fixture and task lighting should be positioned on the desk.